A Realtor’s endorsement of Jane Estes and her team at Fairway Independent Mortgage

There are a number of reasons why I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Jane and her team any chance I get when representing a buyer in a real estate transaction, but our latest collaboration has compelled me to share the experience of what it is like to work with a first-class lender.

I learned the hard way early in my career how important a quality lender partner is to being successful as a Realtor. Luckily, a few years ago I was introduced to Jane by a Realtor colleague in a cross sale. As I remember, my buyer client had their heart set on a short sale that had a three-week window to close before the bank took possession and Jane was recommended as the lender who could meet what I thought at the time an impossible deadline. As promised, she delivered and we closed with time to spare.

After that initial sale, [Jane] became my top choice when recommending lenders to my clients. I quickly noticed her ability to cater to buyers of all personality types which was particularly impressive to me. The high level of communication and responsiveness through each transaction was unlike anything I’d seen in the past. My clients went from what previously seemed as being a line item on a lender’s production spreadsheet to a high-priority customer regardless of how expensive the house they were purchasing was. My clients’ purchases closed quickly and painlessly on every single deal we’ve worked together, which by now is too many to count.

As impressed as I was with how Jane handled my clients’ loans, what I never expected is how big of an asset she would be in helping me grow my business as a Realtor. Buyers have no shortage of Realtors they can hire to represent them in a purchase, and we as Realtors know this all too well. I pride myself on my abilities and knowledge after years in this business and rely on those qualities to a great extent when trying to earn a potential buyer’s business, but Jane is my Ace in the hole. More often than not, if I can get a wavering buyer to contact her, a buyer agency agreement is imminent.

Though we’ve had many successful transactions and happy clients together, what Jane and her team pulled off this past week was nothing short of incredible. A buyer client decided to use an out-of-state lender and everything became unraveled the week before the scheduled close. My client decided to restart the loan process and, of course, Jane was my top recommendation. After getting the contract, ordering a rushed appraisal and pushing the file through processing, we had full loan approval and clear to close in 5 business days! Because of Jane and her team, we closed the deal one day before the contract date. I’m certain if that loan had gone anywhere else, closing would have been delayed substantially.

Thank you to Jane Estes, Dan Boyett and Jennifer Evans for always taking such great care of my clients and making me a better Realtor!

– Charlie M., 5 Points Realty

Quote from Attorney:  I like your packages and getting the HUD a week in advance was helpful.
Quote from Buyers’ Agent: If all of my buyers would take my recommendation to use Jane and Dan, my life would be so much easier.
Quote from the buyer:
Fairway Independent Mortgage assisted us in obtaining and closing a mortgage for our Condo in Cornelius, NC. Jane Estes and Dan Boyett provided needed expertise to cut through the red tape associated with obtaining a VA mortgage. We provided information, and they reviewed, organized, and processed that information successfully in a very short period of time. I was amazed at how quickly our loan was approved. They quickly responded to each of my questions and responded with clear and concise instructions. They are professional, knowledgeable, and concerned with representing their clients in the most effective and efficient manner. I would highly recommend Fairway Independent Mortgage to anyone making a home purchase.
– Willie and Linda W.

Jane and Dan, Thank goodness you are here! I don’t think I have ever previously had such a pleasant business experience as I have had with you. Thank you Ruth (office MGR F, H, & K), Jane, and Charlie for the phone calls and for shifting things around to make this happen. Thank you April (paralegal) for having docs processed quickly and your speedy email response time. Thank you Dan (Jane’s assistant) for agreeing to take time out of your day, away from other closings, to assist with the recording! I trust in your expertise and I couldn’t do this without all of your support. Please know your dedication to your individual positions does not go unnoticed.
– Mercy T.

Jane Estes and Dan Boyett  were extremely professional, but treated me as if I were a friend looking for help. I can’t thank your company enough for helping me with this process and working so hard to get me the best rates/loans out there.
Olajuwon M.

Our experience was terrific, and we appreciate everything each of you did to help us along the way! “Fairway people,” Jane, Jennifer, and Dan, made us feel comfortable and the paper/computer work easy. Their professional experience, timeliness, communication skills, and individual personalities are tremendous assets; they kept us “comfortable and well-supported,” yet “on-the-move!” Nothing could have been better. And, we will be recommending Fairway to friends.
– Mary Jo and Jim W.

My realtor Debbie Arriero suggested Fairway. Jane Estes is being very helpfull, flexible and always there for me. I will highly recomend her and Fairway to everyone. My closing cost was
less than expacted and it was the best part of my home loan experience. You can share my feedback with others. Thank you so much , you did excellent job!
– Larysa D.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you guys have done to make this process painless. You guys were an amazing team to work with! Would recommend Fairway to all my friends and Family in need of finance! God Bless!
– Manon & Phillip H.

Jane took the time to bring my husband and I into her office and walked us through all of the documents we would see at closing. My husband and I were first time homebuyers and this whole
process made me a little nervous. After our first meeting, I felt completely reassured as Jane was very helpful. Jane was extremely supportive throughout the whole process.
Thank you for all of your help throughout our process! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you all being so timely with my questions and concerns. we truly enjoyed working with all (3) of you! We loved seeing you care about your customers by attending our closing. That meant a lot to us.
– Alley and Josh J.